We've listed out some of the common terminologies in our industry below so you get the picture.


Clear coat


Transparent layer of paint applied to your vehicle to cover a coloured coat. It is usually the last coat of paint applied to a panel and vary in thickness.

Clay treatment


The process of removing minute contaminants in your paint finish. It is usually done after a wash and before polishing/ waxing.



Involves the use of cutting pads with an aggressive grade of polish to flatten out uneven or defected paint surface.



Acid-free and effective special cleaner for all rims and light alloys. Helps remove stubborn dirt such as baked on brake dust, oil and rubber residue and other road dirt.


Engine clean


General cleaning of the surface of the engine compartment and restoration of faded and dull trim components.

Fabric clean


Cleaning and sanitizing of car seats upholstery ​at top to mid depth using multiple passes with fabric cleaning solutions to remove stains and water marks.



Safe and approved treatment to rid your interior of roaches and other small insects. 


Headlamp restoration


Refinishing aged headlights lenses that have become discoloured or dull due to​ oxidation from UV light and other factors such as impact rain, road debris or exposure to chemicals.

Interior conditioning


Application of dressing to all leather, vinyl and plastic components located in the interior of your vehicle to achieve a gloss look and protect from UV. This process does not include your seats.

Leather clean


2 step process of buffing and then applying dressing to the leather seats. This helps remove deep seated stains and recondition the seats.

Leather conditioning

Application of dressing to all leather seats located to achieve a glossy look.

Microfiber towel


Microfiber is synthetic fiber about 1/5 the diameter of a human hair. It has high absorption property and removes 98.9% of bacteria on a clean surface.

Misty wash

Premix solution of water and cleaning agent that lubricates surface during wiping. Fine droplets increases surface tension and help ensures minimal runoffs from vehicle body.

Odour eliminator

Uses vehicle air recirculated systems to neutralise odour-causing bacteria in hard to reach area while leaving a pleasant scent.

On-site cleaning


Cleaning done at the carpark lot where your vehicle is parked. 


Process of removing part of the top (clear) coat to achieve a mirror shine. Detailing work usually involves using an electric rotary polisher and  finishing grade polish.

Rubbing compound

Sometimes referred to as cutting compounds, these are aggressive type of polish for cutting deeper into the top coat to create an even surface. It is applied onto with rougher cutting pads before buffing down.

Vinyl and plastics

Refers to all other interior part of your vehicle not including the seats and windows.

Wash bay

Dedicated area ideal to carry out car washing because toxic and oil-laced runoffs can be intercepted and filtered.


Refers to the application of automotive wax onto vehicle's paintwork. It is non abrasive and its purpose is to protect the paint finish.