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How do we make a booking?


You may make arrangements via Whatsapp or call us at this number (65) 9668-9274.

We do not have an app or a booking form at the moment.

How long will each session last?


We spend between 25 - 30 mins per car for the XP and 50 - 60 mins for the FXXX option. Additional services will add to this duration. A full WAXLAH polishing package will take up to 3 hours.


Is the washing like a dry shampoo?

We don't believe in the term waterless as well. The trick to getting a good clean really depends on quality microfiber cloths and we use fresh towels and reputable products. The misty spray serves as a lubricating layer which will minimise scratches on the paint. The XP is ideal for maintenance care while the FXXX option will take care of your car if its riddled with mud, grime, droppings  etc.



I am not around my vehicle, can you still provide the service? 

Yes we can, however without the keys we will not be able to provide interior grooming and vacuuming. Note that the same charges apply. That said, it is only possible with the BLT package, which can be carried out at your carpark lot itself. If you require the FXXX package, make arrangements to pass the key to our washers as your vehicle will need to be transferred to a washing bay. 


Can polishing get rid of water marks on my paint? 


Depends. 'Rainwater marks' left for extended period of time will result in etching (potholes) on the clear coat layer. If it is chronic, removing them involves a lot of trimming of the clear coat layer with the polishing compounds. Typically a wet sanding process is the next best option. You should seek a workshop that provide this service. 

What if I am not satisfied with the cleaning?


We value feedback about the performance of our staff. On most occasions, there will be a dedicated washer attached to your vehicle. We will take stern actions against our staff for repeated complaints.

On the other hand, if they have done a terrific job, a positive review on our socials is welcomed.



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Refers to the application of automotive wax onto vehicle's paintwork. It is non abrasive and its purpose is to protect the paint finish.


Safe and approved treatment to rid your interior of roaches and other small insects. 



Uses vehicle air recirculated systems to neutralise odour-causing bacteria in hard to reach area while leaving a pleasant scent.